Natural Swimming Pools

Biotop Natural Pool constructed by R. P. Marzilli & Co.

JANUARY 27, 2011 – Biotop GMBH, the first natural pool company in Europe, has appointed R. P. Marzilli & Company, Inc. / Biotop Northeast, LLC as their first representative in the USA.

Over the last 25 years Biotop GMBH developed the system, know-how and technical equipment of the first ecologically natural filtered swimming pool.  Over 3,500 Biotop™ pools have been built throughout the world.   The pure, clean, chemical-free water can be part of a natural, classical or modern design with a planted regeneration zone.  Alternatively the Biotop™ swimming pool offers the look of a conventional pool, but requires no chlorine or other toxic chemicals due to the use of a biofilter and specially developed phosphorous filter to ensure that the water remains pure and clear.

R. P. Marzilli & Company recently constructed the first Biotop natural pool in the Northeast.  Clients choose Biotop natural pools for their aesthetic beauty, natural pure water and sustainable design.   A Biotop pool design will blend perfectly with the site’s natural surroundings.


Biotop Landschaftsgestaltung GmbH was founded by Peter Petrich in 1985.  The company headquarters are in Weidling, Austria and has 40 employees specializing in the fields of design with water and especially the building of natural pools. Biotop™ operates a license system in Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Great Britain, France, Turkey, Greece, Slovenia, Israel and New Zealand and is the holder of several patents and winner of many prizes in the field of natural pool building.  Together with the licensees, more than 3,500 Biotop™ Natural Pools have been built so far, 20 of these for public use.