2012 R. P. Marzilli & Company Scholarship Winner Announced!


MARCH 26, 2012 – Congratulations to Nicole Forsyth, recipient of the 2012 R. P. Marzilli & Company Scholarship!  Nicole is a student of the Stockbridge School of Agriculture at U Mass Amherst.  The scholarship was presented during the PLANET AEF Awards Banquet  held at the Student Careers Days Event at Kansas State University last weekend.
Pictured with Nicole are Bill Mitchell, Director of the Stockbridge School and Mike Davidsohn, Landscape Contracting Program Coordinator, and Dennis Ryan, Arborculture and Community Forestry Program Coordinator.

R. P. Marzilli & Company is proud to support  higher education for the landscape industry and the students of the Stockbridge School through the PLANET Academic Excellence Foundation.