Throughout our 35 years in business we have faced many challenges and we are now confronted with a challenge like no other. We have always found a way to work through difficult situations guided by our values and faith. We are problem solvers and we do the right thing.

Today at noon our company must temporarily close operations that are not remote and deemed non-essential by order of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts until April 7th. Any part of the business that can operate legally continues to follow the strict protocols of social distancing and hygiene that we began over a week ago. Hopefully this will make a significant positive impact to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Protecting the public health and especially the people we love is an easy priority to choose over our normal business activities. We fully understand the economic impact and more importantly we understand the value of human life.

We pray for those affected by this disease and we praise first responders, health care workers, scientific researchers, innovative businesses and all who are working diligently during this crisis to protect and save us.