Organic vegetable, fruit and flower gardens


Edible gardens have long been a part of the landscape projects we build and maintain for our clients.  Several years back we recognized the importance of organic horticulture practices, particularly as they relate to edible and home gardens. Since then, we have built a team of experienced and talented professionals who manage this work and take great pride in the gardens we cultivate.

In 2018, a landscape architecture firm we have worked with for several years reached out to us with a great opportunity. The firm owned a horticulture service company, Botanica Fine Gardens, which they offered for sale to us. We felt the timing was perfect to roll this service into our organic horticulture and garden group and the purchase agreement was completed.  Botanica is now our Organic Vegetable, Fruit and Flower Gardening Division. We offer a full range of gardening services including vegetable, fruit tree and cutting garden plans, installation and maintenance.

This year, seven members of our team attended the Northeast Organic Farming Association’s Accreditation Course in Organic Land Care, a 30-hour, 4-day course for land care professionals that provides a complete grounding in the principles and practices of creating and maintaining naturally beautiful organic landscapes. We are very proud of the whole team; they passed all exams and are now Accredited Organic Land Care Professionals! (AOLCP).

During the winter we began our preparation for spring, never imagining that a worldwide pandemic would change our lives as we once knew. We now must sanitize our hands and all items coming into our homes, especially our food which must be thoroughly washed as well. It’s obvious that the source of our food is important, and we can offer well planned and meticulously cared for edible gardens to feed your family throughout the year. Our experienced team will work with you to custom plan your garden to best meet you and your family’s needs.  We custom grow plants to provide unique varieties while ensuring our plants our grown organically from the start.  In addition to garden care, our staff also includes an Orchard Care Professional that is highly skilled in organic approaches. We will work with you to come up with a holistic approach to your orchard care that is both environmentally sensitive and very effective at maximizing fruit production.

In these uncertain times, what can be most comforting sometimes means getting back to basics. Now, more than ever, we understand the value and importance to have food grown on our own properties.  It means knowing where the food you feed your family comes from and where it has been.  It means being able to put dinner on your table with produce that was picked that day, free from chemicals and preservatives.  And maybe, it means picking that fresh sprig of herbs for your evening cocktail!  For us, it means another way to support our clients and do whatever we can to help find peace, promote health, and safety in these challenging days.

If you are interested in learning more about our edible gardening services, please contact Lissie Sidar at or 774-277-2575.